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Holding out for Heroes

FINALLY! Heroes, BBC2, 9.00pm

HeroesIt probably sounds like we've been wittering on about this quite a lot recently, especially since we made it our pick of the day when Sci Fi showed the season finale last week, but to heck with it: we're excited because our favourite new show of the 2006 US TV season has finally made it to BBC2 and we reserve the right to give it prominence on our homepage every now and then.

We're not sure how many people are left who haven't already either seen it on Sci Fi or acquired it by potentially dodgy internet-based means, but for the purposes of this preview, we'll assume that you haven't seen it yet. We'll also try not to do what several TV periodicals have already done and give away some of the twists before the first episode has even aired. Sheesh. So: the premise, for the as-yet-uninformed, is that a bunch of ordinary people across the world (but mainly in North America, let's be honest) begin to discover that they have strange, supernatural abilities. A handful of them are overjoyed and feel that their lives now have a sense of purpose; the majority, however, suspect that they may be royally fucked as a result.

Admittedly the show gets off to a slow start, since the main characters are largely based in locations extremely distant from each other, so there's lots of chopping to and from various stories all jostling to be the A-plot. Not all of the characters are immediately engaging (if you find yourself nodding off during Mohinder's faux-profound voiceovers, you're not alone), but stick with it and it's all kinds of ace once the overall plot begins to unfold. Now's a good time to start picking your favourite characters, by the way, and preparing to enthuse about them to anyone and everyone. If anyone cares, the majority of our love goes to shadowy politician Nathan Petrelli, his emo-haired brother Peter, and badass indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennet. There's a double bill to get you started tonight, and there's even a fanzine-type show to follow before Newsnight. Probably best to get on board now, then.

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