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He's 55, he's from County Mayo: it's Louis Walsh

DISMISSAL! You Can't Fire Me, I'm Famous, BBC1, 10.35pm

You Can't Fire Me, I'm FamousBack at the beginning of March, some good news was unveiled to the British public. Possibly the best news we'd ever heard in our comparitively short lifetime, in fact: it was announced that the upcoming fourth series of The X Factor would be having some cosmetic changes, one of which was the removal of drama-loving nitwit Louis Walsh from the judging panel. Finally, we thought, they're starting to fix the many, many things that are wrong with that show. Now they just need to boot the equally clueless Sharon Osbourne and find some actual talented contestants and we might have something here.

But of course, it was all too good to last. Despite the further excitement generated by the addition of Dannii Minogue to the judging panel, along with the rumours that she had reduced several contestants to tears within days of taking up the post, there was disheartening news on the horizon: in June it was announced that choreographer Brian Friedman, the other new judge, would be stepping down and Louis Walsh would be returning to his initial role, and the hearts of millions of talent-show viewers across the land collectively sank with such ferocity that most of us needed to resole our shoes afterwards.

Rumours abound that the whole thing was a publicity stunt, especially since Louis has a habit of threatening to flounce off the show, and tonight he gets to be indulged further by chatting to Piers Morgan about the whole debacle for 45 minutes. Yep, three-quarters of an hour focusing on the publicity-loving Irishman who never forgets to tell us which town his contestants hail from and has a tendency to defend his acts by saying such tasteful and well-thought-out statements as "the poor boy's blind!" on national television. This will either be a constant barrage of indignant self-justification or a searing insight into the mechanics of television production that leaves us with some degree of sympathy towards Louis, although to be honest, we're not exactly holding our breath for the latter.

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