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Murder most awesome

SMART! Who Killed Mrs De Ropp?, BBC4, 9.00pm

Who Killed Mrs De Ropp?Okay, we have a confession to make - the above programme is not lowculture, not by any definition we know. It is, however, very good indeed because we've seen it, and given the choice between drawing your attention to this show or writing about Hollyoaks or The Apprentice for the umpteenth time, well, it was a no brainer. So please excuse this brief foray into high culture and we promise to return to your regularly scheduled bunkum as soon as possible.

You might have spotted that BBC4 is doing a series on the Edwardians, which has so far included Sue Perkins getting a bit grumpy about having to eat Edwardian-sized portions of food on a train, and will next week include everybody's favourite cockerney sparra Jessie Wallace as Marie Lloyd, star of the music hall. This one's a little more offbeat, though: it's based on three short children's stories by Edwardian writer Saki (stay with us), who was sort of an early forerunner to Roald Dahl, about three children who use their imaginations to come up with fiendish and horrific ways to off their mean-spiritied and humourless guardian, Mrs De Ropp.

The whole thing is very surreal and haunting, and the visuals are amazing. And it stars Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones's mother in the films, for the unfamiliar) as Mrs De Ropp, and Ben Daniels as Saki. We realise that there's probably not a lot we can say to actively talk you into watching this, other than giving you our assurance that we absolutely loved it to bits, but we just thought we'd put the word out there.

Tomorrow: lesbian crack addicts write a children's musical! Possibly.

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And! The Marie Lloyd thing has Richard Armitage in!

By Blogger Carrie, at 12:40 pm  

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