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We were going to do a post on the final episode of WAGs' Boutique today, but then we got this sneaking suspicion that not many people actually cared, which is a bit of a shame. Not that we've seen it for weeks either, admittedly. But then we happened on something rather special while we were idly browsing the internets - something that really was crying out to be spread to a wider audience. In the absence of one of those, however, we'll just put it here instead.

Surely only a philistine would deny that Tyra Banks is a triple threat. We all know about her mad modelling credentialz, thanks to America's Next Top Model. We saw her act in Coyote Ugly, and possibly some other things too. And surely every pop enthusiast has a copy of the seminal 'Shake Ya Body' lying around? If by some unfortunate turn of events you've never heard this song, allow us to enlighten you:

(All joking aside, we fucking love that song. "I'm trying to freak you on the floor / Don't stop, shake ya body 'til it's sore" is a work of lyrical genius.)

Anyway, it seems like Tyra is not content with letting her imprint on the state of modern music end with 'Shake Ya Body' and the Top Model theme tune. So, would anyone like to see Tyra indulging in a little bit of karaoke, belting out a rendition of 'Proud Mary' with someone who looks suspiciously like her manager, Benny Medina? We thought so. Then click away at your own risk.

Shake ya body body, rock ya body body

We'd say "don't give up the day job", but which one?

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