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And her name was Veronica

BACK! Veronica Mars, Trouble, 9.00pm

Veronica MarsFirst of all, an apology – we’re very sorry we didn’t have an update for you yesterday. We spent the entire weekend knee deep in paint (not literally) trying to decorate our new flat, and we didn’t have time to write anything. And frankly, even if we did, the lowculture PC has seen better days. In fact, it’s now a horrid, slow, frustrating pile of useless circuitry which has been called a “fucking bitch” more times in the last week than Paris Hilton has in her entire life.

But we digress, for a matter quite close to our hearts has come to the forefront again: yep, Veronica Mars is back. Took you by surprise? Yep, us too, because now apparently it’s been shunted onto Trouble from its previous home on Living. We can only assume that this means it had the same trouble finding an audience over here that it does in the States, and that the idea of it being a show for adults has been pretty much dismissed, which is a shame.

Season three sees Veronica as a freshman at Hearst College, joined by old friends (and in some cases we use that term loosely) Wallace, Mac, Dick and Logan, along with new acquaintances in the form of Piz (Wallace’s roommate) and Parker (Mac’s roommate). Veronica being Veronica, it’s not long before she’s called upon to investigate a mystery – namely, that of the bastards who stole all of gullible Piz’s belongings while he was moving in.

Season two got a bit long and convoluted, and didn’t have as satisfactory a payoff as season one did. While season three can’t really hold a candle to season one either, we’d be fairly willing to say that it improves on season two, and that the decision to move from one season-long mystery to two short ones and a bunch of standalone episodes has been a successful one. The prospects for season four are still on very shaky ground, so enjoy it while you can, eh?

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