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Show and tell

FUNNY! Peep Show, Channel 4, 10.30pm

Peep ShowWe apologise for not perhaps giving this show the due attention it deserved when it returned for a new series last week, but we had our reasons, namely (a) it was being trailed with Skins-esque fervour by Channel 4, so we assumed that most of you would remember to watch it without needing us to poke you in the shins, and (b) Sanjaya had demanded that we write about him, and who are we to disobey the future Supreme Overlord of the Universe?

There's also the added bonus that having seen the first episode, we're in a better position to confirm that the new series is indeed very, very funny. We did think that it had a bit of a quality-related wibble at the beginning of the third series, where despite still being one of our favourite shows ever, it wasn't quite at its best, although it regained a lot of ground towards the end and the final episode of last series was bloody great. The opening episode this time round had us giggling like small children, so the bar's been set nice and high, and we've got our fingers crossed for it to maintain that for the other five episodes. And the six of the already-commissioned-which-is-nice fifth series.

This week we're back in more familiar territory, where Mark's at work with his sometime man-crush Johnson, who wants Mark to give a presentation on the possibility of integrating Sales with Marketing. If he gets it right, he gets a promotion. Somehow we have a feeling it's not going to be quite that simple. Jez, meanwhile, also has a deal with Johnson - an Indecent Proposal-type arrangement with Big Suze. The words "oh" and "dear" just spring instantly to mind, don't they?

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