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TV Regurgitated

REPEAT! Harry Hill's TV Burp, ITV1, 11.00pm

Harry Hill's TV BurpWe realise that this is a repeat, but frankly we couldn't let the current series of TV Burp come to an end without marking it in some way, and since we're generally far too lazy to write anything on Saturdays, we're doing it today. Questions? No? Good.

It's quite nice to wave this show off into the distance without having to worry too much about whether it'll be back. For ages it was that show that we loved that didn't get the ratings it deserved and seemed to be permanently at risk of an undignified offscreen burial. And then during this sixth series (and fair play to ITV for keeping it going for so long, given their reputation for canning shows that underperform), something rather magical happened - lots of people started watching! Like, figures in the region of six million. Our cockles were well and truly warmed - and we imagine that Harry and the production team were quite chuffed as well.

There's no big end-of-series song and dance, sadly, but there is everything you'd expect: more ridicule directed in Paul Burrell's general direction as a result of Australian Princess (a show we're beginning to think only exists so that this show can remind us how awful it is), more well-chosen odd moments from the soaps, a singing appearance from someone who got mocked on the show earlier (and this week's is a cracker), and the obligatory pre-ad break fight. We'll miss this show lots. Now hurry up and recommission it, ITV plskthx.

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