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California, there it goes

END! The OC, E4, 9.00pm

The OCAwww. We admit that we've not been a regular viewer of this show since season two, but we're still rather sad to be here marking its passing today. It's the final episode of The OC, folks. Or should that be "bitches"? You know, like in "welcome to the OC, bitch"? Sigh, those were the days.

Unfortunately, as far as we were concerned, this show never really quite matched up to the awesomeness of season one. It's an interesting thing we've noticed about American shows, actually (and we use the term "interesting" extremely loosely) - shows that start out with a ropey/inconsistent/good but not great first season tend to get much better in the subsequent seasons (examples: Buffy, Supernatural) and shows that have very strong first seasons often have nowhere to go but down (this show, obviously, and as much as we hate to admit it, Veronica Mars is kind of guilty of this too). We're not saying there haven't been good moments since then (we made a point of watching the season three finale just for the feelgood moment of watching Marissa die), but just nothing that quite holds a candle to the good old days.

So, what have we got to expect from the final episode? Well, once most of the present-day loose ends are tied up (something about the Cohen house, we're told, which we imagine has something to do with that earthquake we saw in the trailers, although frankly we don't really have a clue) there'll be a flash-forward to the future where we can see what happened to all of those crazy kids and their equally crazy parent-type figures. Aww. We miss Julie Cooper already. Come and visit, Julie! Don't be a stranger!

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