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Flying the flag for you, babies!

¡Hello babies! How is it that you are in this more glorious week of the Eurovisión? It is I, Gigliola, Your Eurovision Expert!

I am grieved that has taken so long to disclose goings-on of the competition relative to this year, but the authorities in Greece have shut me up for many months. This followed an incident in which I, by accident, reversed the machine of wind of the Carola that instead of blowing at the climax of its 2006 Eurovisión song, it sucked. The Carola said that she was happy with the results, as her sagging face was much more tightly, but the police did not share this joy.

Also, I have experienced many problems to gain entrance to the Finland for the competition relative to this year. The man in the passport control was not wise to my enchantments, and accused me of faking to personify a member of Lordi. They took me forth to a small room, where three strapping men tried to pull off my mask, and was many hours before I could convince those that it was in fact my true face.

I managed to escape and to conceal herself in a herring wagon going for the Hartwall Areena. I made my mission to find the beautiful presenter Mikko Leppilampi and to conceal myself in the dressing room to surprise it with my womanly qualities. But babies! I chose the incorrect room and was very red of the face when I revealed my chests to the Marija Šerifović of Serbia. The Marija looked very contented to see me, but I am not that class of lady and I had to go away before she could offer her greetings to me.

Now I have concealed myself in the cabin of the commentary of the Terry Wogan, and I cannot refrain to see the face of him tomorrow night when jump forth in my uniform of Scooch at the critical moment.

Enjoy the show, babies!

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Welcome back, Gigliola! I love you! ;)

By Anonymous Neil, at 7:44 pm  


By Blogger Adrian, at 10:25 pm  

Gigliola! How I missed you... welcome home! x

By Anonymous TJ, at 10:51 pm  

Hooray! I love you Gigliola! I don't even care about Eurovision, yet you always make me excited about it.

Please go on Big Brother or something. I want more of you.

By Anonymous Nurse Dunkley, at 11:09 am  

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