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WORDS! Balderdash and Piffle, BBC2, 10.00pm

Balderdash and PiffleWe really like words. In fact, we'd go so far as to suggest we get quite geeky where words are concerned (We know, right? Geeks, on the internet - what are the odds?), which is why we've been working ourselves into a state of nerdy excitement at the return of this series where the lovely Victoria Coren does her best to make etymology sexy. Or sexier, if you're us.

We missed most of the last series because it clashed with something else we really wanted to watch (and at this extremely distant point we have no idea what that programme was, although it was probably something like America's Next Top Model, which just goes to show the inevitable victor whenever culture picks a fight with trash in our heads), but the first episode was a hoot, especially since it gave a large chunk of its running time over to Polari, thus terrifying nice old ladies all over the country who thought they'd finally found a programme that bumming couldn't invade. Guess again!

Apparently this first episode will focus on words relating to madness, which should be interesting since that's rather fertile ground. And those of you who like to flaunt your intellectual superiority over others (and we know who you are, especially the ones who post on the messageboard) will likely enjoy the appeals for information on obscure words that have stumped the professionals.

And while you're busy with this, we're heading off to Coventry for the weekend to stare at Jensen Ackles. See you on the other side!

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