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Hell's Belles

NUPTIALS! Wedding Belles, Channel 4, 10.00pm

Wedding BellesEven before she flew from the ceiling fan as the brilliantly deranged Sue White on Green Wing, we had a soft spot for Michelle Gomez. As much as we enjoyed the ensembleness of The Book Group, it was always her scenes that we enjoyed the most. Therefore her presence in a lead role in this one-off drama is enough of a reason for us to recommend it to you. Oh, and it's written by Irvine Welsh as well, if that helps at all.

This has been billed as an all-female Trainspotting, except with more comedy. And hopefully fewer breakfasting families being covered in excrement. It also stars Shirley Henderson of Bridget Jones's Diary and spying on Harry Potter in the bath fame, and Shauna Macdonald from Spooks, who's playing a crack-addicted former model. And really, aren't they the best kind? Possibly even the only kind? Anyway, Michelle Gomez's character is due to marry a man with a very dark secret, and the show follows the misadventures of her and her friends in the run-up to the big day.

It has a hefty two-hour running time, so you might be advised to either record it or just have lots of caffeine tablets to hand (which is not to say that it won't be exciting enough in its own right to keep you thoroughly alert right up to the closing credits, but there's no harm in being prepared, is there?) and our favourite bastion of knowledge the Radio Times warns us that it's absolutely fucking filthy, but frankly that just sounds like another upside to us. Hoopla!

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