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No sex please, I'm Ulrika

FRISKY! Ulrika...Am I A Sex Addict?, Channel 4, 9.00pm

Ulrika...Am I A Sex Addict?A lesser website might just say "yes" here and leave it at that. (We'll gloss over the part where we initially planned to do just that until we realised that that would make us one of those lesser websites that we like to spit on from up here in our ivory tower.) We, however, will endeavour to give a fair and balanced preview of this show where the perhaps unfairly maligned Ulrika Jonsson delves into an in-depth examination of other people's sexual behaviour. As always, we'll leave the crude statements about how she conducted her research to the aforementioned lesser websites.

Apparently, four million Britons are addicted to sex, as we will learn during the course of this show. Personally we're hoping to learn what the precise difference between a "sex addict" and a "skanky ho" is, and we're sure there's no person better qualified than Ulrika to tell us about it. (Whoops: try as we might, they just slip in, don't they? As the eligible gentleman said to the Ulrika Jonsson, etc etc.) Ulrika will be meeting therapists and experts in America to try to get to the root of the problem. The fact that she has to go to America to do this interests us: is it just that they're better than us at everything, including sex? Or has their sex addiction epidemic been eclipsed by the obesity epidemic? And is there not perhaps a way they could combine the two so that everyone who's dangerously overweight can trim themselves down via sexual gymnastics? It's a thought, at least.

Anyway, we like to think that we encourage you all to watch something educational every so often, and hopefully this will fall under that category. Failing that, feel free to make lots of cheap quips at Ulrika's expense, as we will no doubt end up doing.

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I hate Ulrika. Her column in the NotW is the biggest pile of misanthropic shit ever.

By Blogger Lost Boy, at 12:07 pm  

I emailed her NOTW column once when she said some not-very-nice-indeed things about the homo brethren. I didn't get a response.

By Anonymous Steve, at 12:51 pm  

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