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Up next: Soapstar Supervisor

WTF? Soapstar Superchef, ITV1, 5.00pm

Soapstar SuperchefThis is a little bit scary, if we're honest. Presumably on the back of the success of primetime singing extravaganza Soapstar Superstar, ITV has decided to see what other hidden talents our favourite soap actors have (presumably in some vague attempt at public service, since many of them probably can't expect long, varied and fulfilling acting careers once the suds dry up). For those who can't sing, or indeed won't sing, the choice was surely obvious, yes? Soapstar Superchef it is, then.

In this hour-long (!) show, two soap stars take each other on in a cook-off and attempt to out-cuisine the other one. The conception and execution of this show presumably has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Masterchef has been pulling in fantastic ratings for BBC2, by the way. We're not sure entirely what the point of the show is (having unfortunately missed all the episodes prior to this, heaven knows what we could have possibly been doing that was more important), but apparently there's some kind of points system involved that involves the winner coming back to battle another winner later for Supreme Cooking Overlord status, or something.

Today is Hollyoaks versus Emmerdale, apparently, although we have no idea which particular representatives of those soaps will be participating - but surely all the fun is in the element of surprise? Unless you prefer to get your fun by watching Weakest Link or Richard & Judy instead. Never let it be said that there's absolutely nothing on in daytime. But can we have someone win who isn't from Coronation Street please? They can't have the monopoly on being best at everything...

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I caught some of this on Monday. It was Cilla and her scary-toothed friend (Yana?) against two twats from Emmerdale. It was awful and the cooking looked shit. Cilla does a posh voice in 'real life'. The audience looked as if they'd been drugged to attend. Nicki Chapman's face was too wide even for my widescreen and Richard Arnold may have had a hair transplant. That really is all you need to know about this show.

By Blogger Lost Boy, at 9:43 am  

It's a real shame, it's like ITV are milking the Corrie golden goose for as much as they can - and not doing it any favours. Waste of Corrie stars talents if you ask me.

This is good though - www.corrieblog.tv

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:08 am  

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