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A design for life

DECORATING! Ann Maurice: Interior Rivalry, Five, 8.00pm

Ann Maurice: Interior RivalryOur love for all things Ann Maurice-related continues unabated, despite this frankly bizarre idea of hers that she doesn't need Alistair Appleton's help any more these days. They made such a wonderfully camp twosome. Oh, how we miss the Ann 'n' Alistair halcyon days. But we digress. Time for a second series of Ann's The Apprentice ripoff (or "homage", if we're being generous), where she hunts for an interior designer to carry on her legacy of neutral colours and decluttering.

Up for grabs for the lucky winner is a prize worth £50,000 to help them set up their own homestaging business (boring!) and the chance of mentoring and tuition from Ann herself (hooray!). Future television contracts are presumably something that can be negotiated at the point of Ann's retirement, perish the thought. There are 12 hopefuls, and this week they'll have to work in teams of four to make over a living room in just 22 hours with a £450 budget - shriek!

The last series of this was shockingly entertaining, even if there wasn't a huge amount of dramatic conflict. There were a lot of people, however, crying Top Model amounts of tears over the possibility of becoming Ann's protégé, and that was both fascinating and oddly discomfiting. Bizarrely, even Ann herself was crying half the time. That must be lesson one: interior design is very emotionally challenging. Keep some Kleenex to hand, folks. Oh, not like that. Don't be disgusting.

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