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Tell me who you’re working for!

EXPLOSIVE! 24, Sky One, Sunday, 9pm

Last week’s introductory double bill of 24 (Day Six) saw Jack Bauer’s old pals from the Counter Terrorist Unit receive him back from the Chinese authorities after he was bundled off to be punished for raiding their embassy. It’s been a tough two years for Jack – not only does his body bear the deep scars of brutal torture, but he has also been forced to grow a ridiculously fake-looking beard.

Just to confirm that repeatedly risking your life to save your country from a string of incredibly complex terrorist plots is the most thankless task in the US of States, Jack was brought back only to be handed over to some scary terrorist types in return for the location of a potentially scarier terrorist. Jack didn’t seem too bothered. He revealed that the worst thing about being in the Chinese prison was the fear that he would die for nothing. So by delivering him to a certain gruesome death, CTU was actually doing him a favour! Despite allusions to Jack having lost his penchant for violence, he was kicking terrorist ass and doing lots of improbable things to save his ungrateful country in no time.

What have Jack’s mates been up to in the two years since the last time he had to spend exactly one day saving America? Well, Wayne (brother of David) Palmer is now President. Cue lots of wistful looks as he ponders whether he will ever escape his brother’s shadow every time someone says something tactful like "David wouldn't have done that!" Unfortunately for Wayne, his weasely presidential aide is irritating twit John Cage from Ally McBeal. The fantastic Chloe has become incredibly glam and filled the sizeable Edgar-shaped hole in her life with her fancy-shirt-wearing ex-husband, who interprets her constant rudeness as affectionate dead-pan humour. Together they understandably bitch at a colleague who looks alarmingly like Dean Gaffney.

While full of crazy action and satisfying violence, the first two hours were preposterously straightforward in 24 terms, although it’s surely only a matter of hours before Jack begins to expose conspiracies wrapped in sinister plots cloaked in shadowy agendas. Plus, this week's double-bill of hours 3 and 4 looks set to dish up some magnificently gasp-worthy viewing of the OHMYGODICANNOTBELIEVEHEJUSTDIDTHAT variety!

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You're right - the first two hours were a little predicable and, dare I say, slightly dull. They were, however, made all the more entertaining by the simultaneously heavily promoted 'ctuagent' website. I almost wet myself at some of the things that happened after I registered! TJ x

By Anonymous TJ, at 1:54 am  

I'm up to Day 5 myself and can assure this is officially The. Best. Day. Ever.

I shall say no more.

But yes, it is.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:29 am  

Did I say Day 5? I meant episode 5.

See - all the excitement sent me mental!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:30 am  

Ok - you were right. For the record... OHMYGODICANNOTBELIEVEHEJUSTDIDTHAT. Hour 4 was bloomin' fantastic!

By Anonymous Kev, at 10:24 pm  

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