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Life as we don't know it

SINGING! Just The Two Of Us, BBC1, 9.00pm
RETURNING! This Life Ten Years On, BBC2, 9.00pm

Happy new year, everyone! We trust you had a lovely Christmas? We did, although the part where we didn't find Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki under our Christmas tree was a bit of a pisser, we have to admit. But! There's lots of lovely telly to be getting on with this year, so let's begin with a look at that, shall we?

There's the return of bizarre celebrity duet show Just The Two Of Us, which we enjoyed last year for the part where Penny Smith's performance of 'When I Fall In Love' was mocked mercilessly by the GMTV crew the next morning. This year the celebs taking part include former Blue Peter presenter and pop star incubator Janet Ellis, Strictly Come Dancing's Brendan Cole (will he be including lots of illegal melisma?), and John "EastEnders" Bardon. The couple we hope to be eliminated first (aside from Vernon and Tess, obviously, but they're not going anywhere) is undoubtedly Hannah Waterman and Marti Pellow, since we loathe both of them with the kind of vehemence we usually reserve for the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker. Which probably means they'll win, of course.

Clashing with this on "the other side" (no, not that one. The other one) is the eagerly-anticipated This Life Ten Years On, where we catch up with Miles, Egg, Warren, Anna and Milly (but not Ferdy, who's totally dead. Spoiler!) ten years down the line. People of a certain age (and don't ask us how old we are, because we're having a bit of a crisis about it) who grew up on the original series will be on the edge of their seats waiting to find out whether Egg ever wrote that novel, whether Milly ever managed to make penance for sleeping with O'Donnell, whether Warren ever bought any nice clothes, whether Anna pulled herself and whether Miles finally pulled that stick out of his arse. There's a short ten-minute doco afterwards talking to some of the cast about their characters, if you like that sort of thing.

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