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Sweet charity

CHARITY! Children in Need, BBC1, 7.00pm

Children in NeedOh, don't look at us like that - it's all for a good cause, and you know it. We'd prefer it if Natasha Kaplinsky weren't taking quite such an active role in the proceedings, but we're willing to make allowances for these things.

There's the obligatory comedy newsreader sketch to look forward to, which this year we're assured involves James Bond in some form (which is good news, because the prospect for psychological scarring there ought to be minimal, unlike when they got the fishnets out for The Rocky Horror Show a few years back), as well as the cast of Bad Girls performing Bananarama's 'Love In The First Degree', which is about as close to a LOWCULTURE wet dream as we're ever likely to get.

All that, and the Bunton will be in there as well. We're officially sold. Plus we want to see if any of the stylists-in-training on Celebrity Scissorhands butcher anyone's 'do', and whether there's blood on the studio floor.

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Two words.

Holby City. Spandex.

Ok... so technically three words but who's counting?!

If this doesn't involve 'The Mealing' I will cry.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 pm  

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