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Docs on the box

SURGERY! Doctors, BBC1, 2.05pm

DoctorsIt would appear to be a veritable BBC1 daytime soap fest for us this week, with the dramatic happenings in Neighbours yesterday and now the 1,000th episode of Doctors to boot. Obviously this being a soap (well, daytime serial drama, but soap's a much quicker way of saying it), you have to mark the occasion with a bang, and you have to do so quite literally.

Particularly of note for LOWCULTUREites everywhere is a guest appearance from Susie Amy, whom we all knew and loved as Chardonnay in Footballers' Wives, playing Megan, a former model with something of a serious coke habit. But why have one guest star when three will do? Richard Briers will also be making an appearance, as will Paula Wilcox. It's almost like they made us the casting directors for a day, although in a perfect world we would have squeezed Zoe Lucker and Jensen Ackles in there somewhere, however improbable that may seem.

Continuing in our bold fashion of trying to avoid posting spoilers on the front page, we won't specifically tell you what's going to go boom-bang-a-bang by the end of the episode, but chances are it will leave several regular characters' lives hanging in the balance. Exciting stuff, eh?

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Did you see this? Linda Block to walk the cobbles!

By Blogger Lost Boy, at 4:29 pm  

And Madge off Neighbours is joining Emmerdale too.

Re: Doctors - It was rather rubbish today. They tried to be a bit high concept, but failed, plus nobody cared that it was Chardonnay - back from her Hollywood career - who got exploded.

By Anonymous Sue-Ellen, at 7:14 pm  

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