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A solid foundation

DEVELOPING! Property Ladder, Channel 4, 8.00pm

One of the beautiful things about Property Ladder is that it kind of acts as a lowculture liferaft; when we've trawled through the Tuesday pages of the Radio Times and found absolutely nothing else we feel inclined to preview, we can always fall back on this show knowing that it's always entirely watchable.

We may have made a few gripes when this new series started about the change in format, specifically the choice to feature two sets of developers rather than one. We would now officially like to eat our words: dinner tonight at lowculture towers will be a large portion of crow, with humble pie to follow. The new format is great, whether it's used in a good idea/bad idea style, or whether it's just used so that we can try to guess which group will make the most horrendous cockup by the time the programme ends.

Tonight's episode looks as though it could fall somewhere between the two. Two scientists modernising a house in Bedfordshire struggle with the process, but that's not to say they don't come out on top. The one to watch for, it would seem, is Heidi, who is taken by surprise at how much work project-managing her Norfolk development turns out to be. We suspect Heidi would have done well to watch this programme before she got started, because our experience is that project managing your first development yourself is seldom if ever a good idea. The good news is that it sounds like cracking TV, with the potential of some top property porn at the end of it. Hurrah!

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