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Yeah, we know...

YEAH! BUT NO! BUT YEAH! Little Britain, BBC1, 9.00pm

If we may be so bold as to say so, we thought the second series of Little Britain was definitely starting to display some signs of wear and tear, with characters outstaying their welcome and catchphrases or situations being run into the ground for all they were worth. There was also a bit too much of a reliance on gross-out humour for our liking ("Bitty" and the vomiting old ladies, anyone?), but that's not to say it didn't have its moments. Who can forget the moment where the often heard but never seen Margaret! in the backroom of the stop was revealed to have no legs? Or the time we saw Vicky Pollard rollerblading in a bikini?

This series, it looks like some of those issues have been sorted out. The vomiting ladies are still present, but several characters have been given the boot, including "Bitty" and pint-sized Dennis Waterman (shame!). We doubt anyone missed the unveiling of the new characters to the press last week, but some of the ones we liked the look of included Letty the frog collectable obsessive with a "slight" aversion to the real thing, Sid Pegg the overly militant Neighbourhood Watch leader, Sir Norman Fry, the Tory MP with an unfortunate habit of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time (Hampstead Heath in the dead of night, for example) and Ting Tong, the voluptuous mail order bride.

The one thing that's got us really excited for tonight's opener, however, is the appearance of monosyllabic Anne on Stars in their Eyes, complete with guest appearance by Cat Deeley. We really hope that's as good as it sounds.

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it really wasnt tht good was it?

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