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New things we know about pop music, hair, soaps, medicine and tits

Tuesday is reading night at West London's glamorous LOWCULTURE Heights. Here are the five best things we learned as we flicked through the week's high-class periodicals:

Stock Aitken Waterman are back in the studio together, reports MUSIC WEEK. Experts are warning that the "boys" will have to be in tune with the music of today to compete, and Pete agrees, although he adds: "If being stuck in a timewarp means selling 30million records again I won't mind".
Sarah Jessica Parker has gone brunette, screams HEAT. Shriek!
Bombhead is leaving Hollyoaks, according to INSIDE SOAP. He's going to run away with the circus to be a human cannonball. Or, if you like, a "bomb" head. Well, really!
Burt Bacharach should not be approached for medical diagnoses. "I spoke to Luther Vandross the night before the stroke," he told BOYZ. "He seemed fine."
Men really like to look at pictures of tits, according to ZOO.

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