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The not-so-friendly ghost

SPOOKED! The Ghost Squad, Channel 4, 10.00pm

The time is ripe for yet another hard-hitting drama about the police (after all, we haven't had a new one in at least six weeks), and this time it's a late-night one on Channel 4 so it's fairly safe to say it's not going to be a cutesy soap opera. This time the drama centres around a conspiracy within a unit after an Asian prisoner dies whilst in custody, and the fallout as one officer becomes the fall gal.

What sounds like fun about this show is that there's a mystery that we can follow along with Amy, the framed officer, as she tries to find out who's responsible for her framing. Series-long mysteries are a tricky business - if you're not careful, you can go down the Lost or Desperate Housewives route where it takes so long for there to be any real progression towards solving in the mystery that people give up in sheer frustration. If done well, of course, it can make this appointment-to-view stuff. We'll make the official judgement after the first episode, of course, but it sounds intriguing.

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