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Back for good?

POP! Take That...for the Record, ITV1, 9.00pm

The 'ThatWe all relived the press conference experience earlier in the year when Busted announced that they were, well, busting up, but the original and best version was of course the infamous press conference in February 1996 where a tear-choked Gary Barlow announced that there would be "no more Take That". These days, Robbie Williams is a massively successful solo artist in his own right, much as we hate to admit it, and Mark Owen, bless his little cotton socks, was still plugging away at his solo career earlier in the year to general indifference. Everyone else, however, had gone a bit quiet.

So, in a pretty major coup for ITV, they've got all five members of the band together for the first time (nb. by "together", we mean in the same programme; we have no idea if they will all actually be seen in the same shot at any point, but that's just another reason to tune in and watch, isn't it?) to talk about the good ol' days and discuss what led to the band's eventual demise. (Hmm, a 90 minute programme is an awful lot of time to fill by just saying "Robbie left".) Also contributing will be low cholesterol spokeswoman Lulu and Take That's former manager, Nigel Martin-Smith. Expect to see lots of people who were in their teens in the mid-90s weeping like little girls for the duration of this programme, as the loss of Take That was a wound that never healed for some people. On a personal note, we got over it some time later when we listened to the greatest hits and realised that quite a lot of the songs were a bit rubbish.

This promises to be major talking-point TV, so pop fans should miss this at their own risk.

Also tonight: it's the finale of Britain's Next Top Model on Living TV at 9.00pm. Having got rid of nine week links, Edwina, Jenilee and Lucy are the final three. Who will be crowned Britain's Next Top Model? And more importantly, will she have any kind of career to speak of afterwards? It's not a patch on the American original, and it's cheap as hell, but we're still dying to find out, so they've obviously got something right.

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