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Here we go again...

BACK! I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, ITV1, 9.00pm

Blimey, it feels like a year since the last instalment of I'm a Nonentity, Get Me a Career! (see, we made a bad pun on the title! That means we're funny!), but that's probably because it is a year, ITV having wisely decided not to run it six-monthly to avoid audience fatigue. We've got ten new "celebrities" all set to risk total humiliation for the sake of a temporary career revival, and the audience is champing at the bit.

Last night's show was the opener, and we learnt all manner of interesting things. For example: Sheree's husband is quite fit. Jenny Frost greeted the paparazzi by saying "I haven't seen you guys for ages!", a fact which, judging by the chart position of her recent single, is entirely unsurprising. Sid Owen hopes that by the end of the experience people will stop thinking of him as "Rickaaaaay". Antony Costa bought a Lilo as his luxury item, for reasons that elude us. Elaine Lordan had a funny turn on the tightrope on the way to camp and passed out later on, prompting Sheree to scream like a Banshee. David Dickinson is to be known as "Chips" if Carole Thatcher has her way; he's obviously banking on the fact that the fact that a former winner went by the nickname of "Chipshop". Jilly Goolden wants us to know that she is not a "classy bird", and that such an opinion is in fact "bollocks", said in a cut-glass accent. Jenny Frost has the most bizarre sneeze known to mankind. Sheree was scared of parachuting into the jungle, but overcame her fear. And Dec revealed a hitherto-unknown love for Hilary Duff, by asserting that since it was Monday morning in the jungle camp and Sunday night back in Blighty, the viewing audience was 'So Yesterday'.

There were the unseen bits that presumably they're saving for the DVD, such as the point where Jenny volunteered to perform her single 'Crash Landing' for the outbackers while they were flying to camp in their helicopters. Of course, that may have been what made the blue team jump out before they were anywhere near the ground.

Anyway, it's back, it's everywhere, and resistance is generally futile, so pick a favourite and enjoy the next couple of weeks.

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"Banking on the fact that the fact"..? You do not not make nonsensicality. :)

By Anonymous me, at 5:32 am  

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