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Sweet charity

GOOD DEEDS! Children in Need, BBC1, 7.00pm

Yes, we know - a seven-hour charity telethon might not be everyone's idea of a good night's viewing. Don't let that put you off this year, however, because there's a pretty good line-up on offer. Oh, and Liberty X.

First of all, there's the chance to enjoy lots of soap stars having a bit of a singsong for charity, including the unmissable promise of Nikki Sanderson (Corrie's Candice) singing a soul classic in the studio. She won't appear on just anything, you know. From the ridiculous to the sublime, Madonna will also be performing live on this year's show. Where else can you see those two on the same bill, eh? Maybe if we play our cards right, they might even do an impromptu duet. There's also the promise of comedy as Catherine Tate visits Albert Square, and if Lauren bumps into Stacey Slater, it may surpass the brilliance of her "am I McBovvered?" meeting with McFly during Comic Relief. Also performing during the evening, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Westlife, KT Tunstall, the often bizarre musical performance by the BBC newsreaders, and Katie Melua. Of course, you can always mute that last one. Indeed, we recommend that during her performance you ring up and pledge money on the condition that she shuts up and leaves the stage instantly, if not the country altogether.

The bit that everyone's champing at the bit for, of course, is a specially-written scene from Doctor Who, starring Billie Piper and David Tennant, which is due on air at around nine o'clock. The big guns are out this year, and no mistake.

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