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Sci-Fi Sky

ALIENS! Threshold, Sky One, 9.00pm

To say that Sky has been trailing this show aggressively would be something of an understatement. Every time we've switched to Sky Onc, as we like to call it, over the past week, we've seen a trail for this show. If they're trying to attract so much attention, we would take this to either mean that either they have a tremendous amount of faith in this show, or that they spent a lot of money on it and it turns out that no one's watching it.

With that in mind, we thought the least we could do was to give it an extra little bit of assistance by plugging it here. In all fairness, it doesn't look half-bad; it's another glossy sci-fi show dealing with the concept of alien invasion, quite possibly not a million miles away from The X Files. Ace scientist Dr Molly Caffrey works on contingency plans for enormous threats to national security, one of which is put into action when the US Navy discovers an alien spacecraft crash-landed in the Atlantic Ocean. She then handpicks a crack team of beautiful, kooky and entirely dysfunctional specialists whose job it is to establish the intent of the craft and the whereabouts of its crew.

We're actually on episode three at this point, and the plot's simmering quite nicely. There's some kind of alien signal that turns people homicidal (no, homicidal. It's not one of those shows, for goodness' sake) and the handsome but troubled crew have to establish exactly how many people were exposed to it. "Eep" doesn't even come close, does it?

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