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Make mine a large one

PSYCHIC! Medium, BBC1, 11.05pm
We're not big fans of waste here at lowculture, which is why we're wondering why the BBC bothered to acquire a classy drama with an attractive cast (Patricia Arquette, and we mean "attractive" in the sense of "star-studded" as much as we do in the physical sense) and a good reputation and then stick it on in a graveyard slot where it will never quite get the ratings or the acclaim that it might deserve. Not that this is a crime restricted to BBC1 of course; for every Desperate Housewives or Lost that gets a peak timeslot and a multimillion pound advertising campaign, there's a Nip/Tuck or Alias or Six Feet Under that gets plonked into a late-night slot and gets quickly dumped or shipped off to a digital sister channel when it doesn't do the business ratings-wise. Sigh. Anyway, that's all by the by; we promised to preview this last week and so here we are. Patricia Arquette stars as Allison DuBois, who sounds like she ought to be the heroine of a play about repression set in the Deep South, but is in fact a housewife with psychic abilities who uses her powers to help bring criminals to justice. Right on sister! This week Allison is bored and stuck at home as the District Attorney doesn't appear to be needing her help much (amateur - in his position at the very least we'd be phoning her to ask what the canteen will be serving for lunch) until he asks her to use her powers to select a jury that can be counted on to vote for the death penalty. This sounds, to us, a somewhat dodgy scenario and a potential perversion of the course of justice, but then that's why we're not highly powered in local office. You'll have to tune in if you want to find out whether she agrees, and how that affects the outcome. What? It's on at 11.05, for crying out loud; how are we going to convince you to watch it otherwise?

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hmm, it was rather disturbing and distasteful, wasn't it?

By Anonymous Ms Freak, at 11:00 am  

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