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It's all over the front page

SCREAM! Road Rage School, BBC1, 7.00pm
We don't quite know what it is, but there's something eerily compelling about watching other people's driving idiosyncrasies. Up until it finished last week we were developing something of an addiction to Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre with the always excitable Nadia Sawalha during the early morning on BBC One, watching a bunch of people taking (and generally failing) their driving tests and feeling slightly smug because we passed our test way back in 1998 when the emergency stop was compulsory but before you had to reverse into a parking bay. But we digress. This follows a similar sort of theme but basically compresses all of the good bits of an entire series of Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre and Driving School - in other words, the bits where people get extremely irate behind the wheel and scream at the unfortunate road user who angered them. This being the BBC, of course, we're not permitted to simply watch impassively and giggle; they've employed driving expert Dr Lisa Dorn to take out some of the raged candidates out on the road to analyse what might be driving them to make homicidal threats to the person who commits the unfortunate offence of cutting them up in a green Fiesta. What sounds like the most fun of all is what will presumably happen at the end of the programme, when today's two subjects are forced to sit in the same car and suffer through each other's ranting. Sounds painful, but still preferable to sitting in a car with Nadia Sawalha, we suspect.

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