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Guess who's back? Back again!

RETURNING! EastEnders, BBC1, 7.30pm
It's very easy to slate EastEnders at the moment, but we're willing to give credit where it's due - they really are pulling out all the stops to make it good again. With any luck, soon they'll be able to drag out those old "everybody's talking about it" adverts without everyone saying "yeah, saying it's really shit". But we digress. Again. It hasn't been a good year for Sam Mitchell, has it? There was the whole Andy Hunter farrago, and to be perfectly honest, we weren't entirely sympathetic about that since she walked into the entire think with her eyes Revlonned shut, and got what was coming to her as a result. The punishment may not have entirely fitted the crime, but we still weren't about to feel sorry for her. Then she was forced to take a job in Ian Beale's chippy, serving up fried goods in an unattractive hat and white coat combo, slowly starting to develop a permanent aroma of haddock. Then, of course, she was an unwitting accomplice in the murder of Den Watts and was subsequently cheated out of her share of the Vic by the fabulous Chrissie. After being quite upset about that for some time, she then went crazy and dug up Den's body, not really thinking that it might reflect badly on her to do such a thing. And now she's in the slammer, the current incumbent of the role of Big Bertha's bitch, and is feeling pretty low. Hmmm. Could a visitor possibly come along to cheer her up, we wonder? Stranger things have happened, especially since Barbara Windsor's return to the cast has been widely promoted, so there's little sense in us being coy about it. Elsewhere, Alfie decides that he loves Kat after all, much to the delight of the three people who still care, two of whom are Alfie and Kat. Yawn.

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