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The black widow returns...

DARK! Nighty Night, BBC3, 10.30pm
There are two words guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of everyone who watched the first series: "Hi Cath!" Never has a greeting managed to sound quite so portentous and sinister as when uttered by the homicidal heroine of this sitcom. As we left Jill at the end of series one, a second series seemed improbable if not unlikely: the majority of the regular cast appeared to be dead. Of course, anything's possible when you get a second series and thanks to the mercy of that dramatic device known as the coma, most of the cast have returned, with the exception of Jill's husband Terry, who's managed to make a timely escape from his deranged wife and is hopefully sunning it up somewhere on the Costa Brava. Jill, of course, is still a woman on a mission, and her mission is to track down the not-entirely-eligible Doctor Don. Don has wisely, like Terry, put as much distance between himself and Jill as would be advised, and has retreated to a, well, retreat in an attempt to save his marriage to Cath. Jill is not to be deterred and has made herself that much more alluring with a new hairdo, packed up her favourite exfoliation products and her very best mixtapes of 80s rock ballads and set off to track him down. The first series was definitely an acquired taste, being blacker than the titular night with all the murders and jokes at the expense of people with cancer and multiple sclerosis. That said, it was wickedly funny and gave team lowculture more laughs than we could shake a set of hair straighteners at. We love Jill - but we're very, very glad we're not her friend.
Also watch out for: Medium, BBC1, 11.05pm
We'll give this a proper preview next week, but since this is the first episode we thought it best to draw your attention to the first episode of this drama about a psychic crimesolving housewife starring Patricia Arquette. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? We can't wait.

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we love it! and are everso slightly over-excited about its return. hurrah!

By Anonymous timothy jayne, at 3:13 pm  

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