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Let's make fun of people we don't know!

It's always a shame when people in bands get ideas above their station and decide that they've had enough of those losers who keep stealing their limelight on the stage, isn't it? Especially when they decide to indulge in a completely rubbish solo project that proves the group was more than the sum of its parts. Well, we've taken absolutely no heed of that, since lowculture team member Steve has foolishly decided to start blogging on his own again. Well, when he says "on his own", he means "with his friend Joel, who's also really funny".

The inspiration came from watching the most recent series of American Idol (Vonzell was totally robbed) and the way we used to bitch about the performances after each episode. With this in mind, we thought it might be fun to actually publish our thoughts on the foolish, foolish people who entered the second series of The X Factor via the worldwide interweb. Better than that, however, we decided to provide a more-or-less blow-by-blow account of each episode, so that you can not only enjoy watching two self-confessed talentless non-singers critique a bunch of people who think they're it, but you can also catch up with any events that you might have missed. Were you not quick enough to catch "Sing 'em a song, Della"? How about the time that they put 82-year-old Dorothy through because they thought it was the least they could do after she climbed all those stairs? And what about all of those pushy showbiz mothers who pushed their poor naive children into the audition room only to have their hopes and dreams shattered?

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then please pay a visit to The Bitch Factor. Please. We're being comment-spammed by scary robots, and we'd like to think that some real people are actually reading it too.

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