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The day the women came back

FINAL! The Week The Women Went, BBC3, 10.30pm
This series has been a touch more low-key than we usually prefer our reality TV to be (no eliminations, no challenges, no Extreme Runway!) but we've been quite surprised at how much we've enjoyed it. We're not sure how much it's done for the public image of Harby (the Nottinghamshire village where the programme was filmed), since we're not entirely sure we'd want to be around most of the people who were featured, but a lot of the subjects have been compelling to watch. We particularly liked millionaire car salesman Pete, who advised his younger son - after he'd been hurt in a scrap with his brother - to shoot his older brother with an airgun (it wasn't loaded, but still) and middle manager Howard, who talks to his children using management speak ("I am not willing to negotiate with you!") and hilariously injured himself in a motorbike accident (hilarious because the fall from the bike did not injure him at all, but he injured his neck lifting the bike back off the ground). Tonight, to everyone's great relief, the women return from their week-long absence and there's a party in the village hall to celebrate. But, we're forced to ask, will there be hugging and/or learning? Has the experience actually taught anybody anything? Other than "participating in reality TV shows or docusoaps will almost invariably reflect badly on you as a person"? Well, that remains to be seen, but we're going to miss this quirky show.

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If for nothing else, for Jayne Middlemiss saying "Meeen" and "BuhBuhCuh Dree" on the ads.

By Anonymous Adrian, at 9:50 am  

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