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Spy hard

BACK! Spooks, BBC1, 9.00pm
Two things in particular are hallmarks of a really good piece of drama in our book: the first is that it should be able to carry on with new cast members once the original cast move on to "other projects" without suffering as a result, and the second is that the new cast members should match, if not exceed, the original totty count. Spooks has managed to do both of these, but it's been a pretty close call. The original Spooks have all moved on to pastures new, but the drama continues with a new set of impossibly attractive secret agents. Putting aside the relative sex appeal of the cast, the first plot of the new series seems particularly potent: the team attempt to thwart a terrorist group carrying out strategic bombings around London. It's perhaps a little sensitive, despite having been filmed before the events of 7 July, but then Spooks isn't exactly the sort of shy-and-retiring drama - Heartbeat, for example - that never does anything daring for fear of alienating its audience. It lives on the edge, and stands or falls on its dramatic potency with each storyline. Well, that and some well-thought-out celebrity guest appearances, of course. This week, Martine McCutcheon - everyone's favourite Martine, surely - lands a guest spot as a waitress who just might have the knowledge that will unmask the bombers. She seems to have cornered the market in woman-with-ordinary-job-in-extraordinary-situation, after her role as the aide beloved of the prime minister in Love Actually. Not only that, but we're promised a nailbiting finish (the second part is tomorrow) with Martine's safety hanging in the balance. There are no assurances that she'll survive either - let's not forget this is the show that deep-fried a member of the core cast in the very second episode.

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May I ask whatever happened to Jamie, who had his way with words upon ths very site?
and also ncaring elsie. i miss them.

ps- this has nothing to do with spooks.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:59 pm  

It was awful. An M15 specially trained agent gets caught because he left his RINGTONE on? What the fuck?

Also, those V3 RAZRs are really good at mending themselves after getting shot.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:26 pm  

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