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Bed and bored?

WORK! Bed & Bardsleys, Channel 4, 11.30pm
Reality TV has been accussed of bringing the downfall of a lot of things: from being blamed for the total disintegration of modern society (and while we're not going to get all socio-political here, we're fairly certain that had started happening way before the first series of Big Brother) down to the less serious charge of being responsible for the decline of quality scripted drama on TV (again, somewhat unfairly, since it was reality TV show Survivor that inspired epic scripted drama Lost). One accusation that we're unaware of having been thrown at it thus far, however, is bringing about the collapse of British business as we know it. Give it a few days, however, and we're sure those claims will be popping up here and there, because not only is Jade Goody setting up her own beauty salon (coming soon to Living TV!), but Wife Swap's infamous Lizzy and Mark Bardsley are, for the purposes of this TV show, attempting to run a Blackpool B&B. This is, we're told, a response to the press branding them "lazy irresponsible chavs" or something similar in reponse to the allegation that they live on benefits totalling somewhere upwards of £30,000. We would have thought that their actual, initial response to this would have been more along the lines of "Fuck off!" That notwithstanding, we are promised hilarity of a culture-clash variety, with "the Bardsleys" and "work" being two of said cultures. This is all very well and good, but we feel sorry for the couple that the Bardsleys swapped with all those years ago. What became of them? Not a spinoff, by all accounts.

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