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Playing the Trump card

FIGHTING! The Apprentice USA, BBC Three, 9.00pm (repeated on BBC Two at 11.20pm)
The level of contempt shared by all of the contestants on season two of The Apprentice USA has been simmering away for several weeks now. It all began when poor, poor Stacie J spooked the other members of Apex by messing around with a magic 8-ball (we're still not sure how that made her certifiably insane, but then we're reluctant to take anything that one of the women says seriously) and the women of Apex scapegoated her for their repeated failure to win any of their tasks. She was fired, and then Jennifer C became the root of all their problems. She was fired, and then...well, you just repeat and add Elizabeth/Pamela/Stacy R to your heart's content. Suffice to say, the women don't really like each other a hell of a lot. Things started off better on the men's team, but now that's starting to crumble as well, with young Andy's resentment over the team's refusal to take him seriously, Kevin's repeated trips to the Boardroom beginning to wear on him, and we're willing to bet that a few people will be angry that Kelly is exempt from dismissal this week after he rode Sandy the professional bridal salon owner to victory in last week's bridal salon management task. And from what we're told, it all starts to kick off tonight. The task this week is the creation of a promotional catalogue for Levi's, and Mosaic is subjected to infighting between Wes, Maria and Sandy. Over on the not-so-good ship Apex, Jennifer M and Ivana continue their grudge match, and we never thought we'd say this, but we're actually hoping Ivana wins that, because Jennifer M has become a hideous, finger-pointing, blame-shifting, accusatory harpy in recent weeks, and has quickly eradicated all of our early-days love for her. If the prospect of so much bitching isn't enough for you, we're promised a Very Special Boardroom. Not like the "very special" episodes of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air that taught us a lesson about drink-driving, but very special in the sense that we're promised something very out of the ordinary will happen. All the while, we'll be holding our head in our hands and wondering why all these morons are still here long after the lovely (and capable) Pamela was sacked.

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