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Here's one we manufactured earlier

WATERLOO! When Blue Peter Became Abba, Channel 4, 10.00pm
When who became what now? Okay, we admit it, we can find absolutely no reason for this show to exist (why Blue Peter? Why Abba? The correlation is totally lost on us) but there's something so gloriously trashy about it that we're going to recommend it anyway. According to the trails this is all an elaborate idea of Zoe Ball's, but we'll be taking that part of it with a pinch of salt. The premise, such as it is, is that four former Blue Peter presenters - Peter Duncan, Janet Ellis, Stuart Miles and Romana D'Annunzio - have been recruited to form an Abba tribute band with the ultimate goal of performing at a "live music festival". We don't know why these four in particular were deemed most suitable for the job; Janet Ellis we can perhaps understand, since she can always ask her popstar daughter for some pointers, but the other selections are beyond us. We can only assume that they all seemed inept at the initial audition, all the better for the eventual triumph over adversity. There should be plenty of glorious campy fun to be had from this, regardless of how well they actually perform at the end, and it's always fun to see exactly what price someone puts on their dignity once their star is no longer in the ascendant.

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