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Details: sketchy

FUNNY! Tittybangbang, BBC3, 9.30pm
We were slightly disappointed when we read the billing for this show, as our initial thought was that BBC3 had finally decided that part of its public service remit was to produce out-and-out porn. Then we realised it wasn't actually called Titty Clitty Gang Bang. We're still going to go right ahead and preview this, however, as it's a new sketch show and we've heard good things about it. Building on the solid foundations set up by 3 Non Blondes, this is another all-female sketch show that isn't afraid to push the envelope. We're promised that the characters in the show will be "grotesque", "exaggerated" and "perverse", which means that this won't look out of place alongside Little Britain and Nighty Night. From the small smackering of clips we've seen, though, there are some potential classics in here. One example is the genteel knitting circle that hides a shocking secret; another is the pneumatic glamour model discovering the downside of plastic surgery. There's no big celebrity name backing all of this, it's actually focusing more on pushing "new talent", so we suspect it's going to stand or fall on the strength of the material. Fingers crossed that it's going to turn out to be a corker, so of course you'll want to say that you were watching from the beginning. Besides, it's filthy, so what's not to love?

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I couldnt believe tht freeky looking creation was in fact annie from the smoking room!?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:43 pm  

i know! Debbie Chazen is a brilliant actress, isn't she? To be able to do so many different characters and look and be so different in each one. Somebody please give her her own series!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:48 pm  

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