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Fuck Me Facts!

Ooh, here's a bit of a blast from the past! Yes, it's the return of the THREE MOST AMAZING FACTS you didn't probably didn't know this time about a minute ago.
» ONE! It's Amanda Barrie's birthday today. She will be back doing some more Costa Conning in the Christmas special of Bad Girls, which will feature some ghostly goings-on in Larkhall Prison. Bet they're not as spooky as the new Rachel Stevens video, which was filmed on the Bad Girls set. FACT!
» TWO! Coronation Street has a new executive producer. Steve Frost, who takes over at the beginning of 2006, started his career as a storyline editor on Dream Team, which is just about as good a pedigree as we could ever hope for. Speaking of Dream Team, the new series starts in a few weeks, and the fantastic Lynda Block will be back at the helm of Harchester United. Life is not so bad after all! FACT!
» THREE! Have you been missing the brooding presence of David Boreanaz on the box since Angel got canned? Well don't fret, pet – he's back soon as a no-nonsense FBI agent in a new show called Bones, which is all about solving crimes using... erm... bones. Creator Hart Hanson was delighted to secure the services of the former telly vampire for the new show. "I want a man with some heft," he burbled. "And David has that." Yes, well, he is much fatter than he used to be. FACT!
AND! Here's Uncaring Elsie's...
» DON'T-GIVE-A-FUCK FACT! Justin Timberlake is to appear in a play called Resurrection Blues in London's West End after being courted for the role by Kevin Spacey. Frankly, now he is knocking around with that Diaz sort and there's less chance than ever of him riding me until I can't sit down for a fortnight, I simply DON'T CARE!

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fuck me, the fuck me facts are back. hurrah!

By Anonymous timothy jayne, at 9:36 am  

Heft? ha ha ha. But also, whooo, how exciting!

By Blogger Sara, at 11:05 am  

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