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Off the Peg

TACKY! EastEnders, BBC1, 7.30pmWe're loving quite a lot about EastEnders at the moment. Chrissie, for one, continues to delight in every possible way. She's possibly the only woman on telly who can be that evil on so many nights of the week and still have fantastic hair. It is also delightful to have Peggy back. Despite all of the murders, plots and treachery she has found herself in the midst of, her most satisfying scenes have been with Pat. It must be particularly galling to find that your oldest nemesis has not only nabbed your house, but has also installed a particularly tasteless bar in the front room.
Last night's episode showed that there's only one thing to do in such a situation – get to grips with your host's hideous pineapple cocktail shaker and pour a large drink. Tonight, Peggy decides to start righting a few wrongs, and approaches Johnny Allen in an attempt to find crooked solicitor Marcus Christie – and, presumably, stick the business end of Pat's pineapple right up his arse.

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