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Hard-hitting drama (no, literally)

DRAMA! No One Would Tell, Hallmark, 11.00pm
A friend of ours recently had the Hallmark channel added to his cable package, and complained to us that he thought it was going to be "full of awesome real-life dramas starring Susan Lucci as a horrendous road crash victim struggling to rebuild her life", but instead found it to be full of "back-to-back Law and Order". Since we're here to provide a public service, we felt it only right that we should bring it to everyone's attention when one of those movies actually does get some screentime. As we all know, made-for-TV movies based on true stories or that turn out to be thinly-veiled public service announcements are the highest form of TV art, or indeed any type of art you might be able to think of. If they star teen idols of yesteryear, so much the better (and you'd better believe we take the phone off the hook if it stars Tori Spelling, because Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? is the best example of the genre that we know). This movie? Well, it stars Fred Savage of The Wonder Years, cast against type as Bobby Tennison, the good-looking but psychologically-unbalanced and violent boyfriend of shy student Stacy Collins (played by Candace Cameron, who appears to do a lot of these movies), whose initial innocent love soon develops into an unhealthy obsession where he has to control everything that his girlfriend does. So, not only does it have a quality plotline, but there are also several opportunities to play "oh, it's YOU!" in the supporting cast, with chat queen Sally Jessy Raphael doing a spot as a judge, and Eric Balfour (who's done the rounds, but you might recognise him from 24, Buffy, The O.C. and many similar shows) in a supporting role. If we were in charge of television, there'd be a movie like this on every day. Make that three times a day, actually.

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Hallmark tip - try 'Sue Thomas, F B Eye'. It's classic.

By Anonymous lizzy, at 10:21 am  

True Movies, channel 333 on Sky. Made-for-TV movies based on true stories, all day. Beautiful.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:59 am  

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