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Doctor in the House

MOB! House, Five, 10.10pm
Earlier in the week we were complaining about the shameful, almost embarrassed, way that some of the terrestrial hard-hitters treat their quality US imports. Five, on the other hand, has a contrary idea: it finds them a good spot in the schedule, gives them just the right amount of promotion, sometimes even goes as far as to build an entire schedule around them (although that tends to be a reward for years of outstanding service, like CSI). And while it still might have a few kinks to iron out in its selection process (honestly, would anyone really care if they never saw another episode of Joey?) its roster of imports still impresses, and House is one of the shining lights. It's developing quite a thread of love over on the messageboard, and seems to be winning over the viewers and the critics with its quirky ways. To be honest, if it starts getting any more things right, we'll have to seriously rethink whether it deserves any lowculture attention at all, since we have no time for sellouts. But we digress, as we often do. Tonight, House (played by the always charming Hugh Laurie, who looked disarmingly dashing on the cover of the Radio Times a few weeks back, and please stop looking at us like that) has some beef with his peeps from da streetz, yo, as his team is required to diagnose an uncommon ailment facing mob boss Joey Arnello, who collapsed in court shortly before testifying. Testify, sister! Isn't that what Oprah makes you do? Hmm, we may have confused our gangsta clichés quite horrendously here, but then where's the fun in making sense? As ever, there's an impossibly gorgeous cast (and Jesse Spencer has arguably only improved with age) and plenty of twists and turns before the end. As long as nobody ends up with a horse's head in his or her bed, we're happy.

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