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Infinitely boring

The nation is still on the edge of it's collective comfy seat in anticipation of the promised EASTENDERS revival. On current form, it seems like it's gonna be a long wait.
Now, before going any further, we must make it clear that we have not actually been watching the show. But we have glanced at it on the big screens at work at going-home time for the last two nights, which is enough to get the gist of it.
From this analysis, it appears that whole of the last 45 episodes have been taken up with one long scene featuring Johnny Allen and Ruby sitting on a sofa moaning about how neither understands the other.
In fact, all of the plots seems to be stuck in an endless loop – if we see Tina pack her suitcase one more time ... well, who knows what might happen, but it's unlikely to be pretty to watch.
Never mind, Kat's back next week, launched straight into a nasty love rhombus with Alfie, Billy and Little Mo. That's a lot of corners, so there's every chance that at least one will be interesting.

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