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Gratuitous arses

LATE AND DARK! Hollyoaks: In Too Deep, Channel 4, 10.55pm
There is a place in the heart of lowculture that will forever be reserved for the Hollyoaks late night specials. Once used for very serious dramatic storylines that couldn’t be handled with adequate sensitivity at teatime (such as the rape of Luke Morgan), now they tend to be more of an excuse to throw a couple of unnatural-sounding swear words into the dialogue and to get the identikit blondes to get their tits out (such as in the last one where Lisa boffed some random bloke in the hotel where she was working as a Plot Contrivance). This one has two interweaving storylines, one that we like the sound of, and one that we don’t. The good one involves Steph’s performance of her dramatic monologue, and experiencing a bit of trouble with a spectral presence (this may well be the campest thing on TV this week), the other one involves Ben and Lisa taking their relationship to the next level (this may well be the most tedious thing on television this week). We hope the good will outweigh the bad, so we’ll be tuning in.

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The point of late night Hollyoaks is to get a lot of the cast minus their clothes. This one failed totally on that front, bar Lee which was ummm, ummm.

By Blogger Bill, at 1:39 pm  

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