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A little bit of action

AVOID THIS! Fool Around With...Nadia, E4, 10.00pm
Big Brother’s Nadia Almada should be making a phone call to her agent right now, wondering why she ended up on this instead of Celebrity Love Island. We had the misfortune to sit through an entire episode of Fool Around With…Kenzie last week, and it’s just about the most excruciating half-hour of telly around - we know that sometimes we mean that in a complimentary way, but this time we don't. Still, if you get your jollies from watching the semi-famous making themselves look daft, and you didn’t get enough of that this evening during Celebrity Love Island, point your telly this way.

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Fair point - Fool Around With... does make pretty dreadful TV, but I quite enjoyed looking at Kenzie. The more anyone wants to put him on my telly, the better. :o)

By Anonymous timbo, at 5:58 pm  

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