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No Diggity

Usually, we steer clear of these specials, but we think we're going to be watching the latest Celebrity Big Brother right to the end.
We usually get too wound up by the seeming desparation of some of the "celebrities" clawing their way back onto our screens, but we were mostly satisfied with this year's selection during last night's launch.
However, a few initial observations: John McCririck - panto season is over; Brigitte Nielson - we think you're ace, but please stop trying to teach people that silly pointy-handed "diggity" catchphrase; Jeremy Edwards - stop trying to interact with the others and just get your top off, please; and Kenzie - thanks for getting the age thing out of the way so early. We can stop worrying about inappropriate thoughts now, although for the moment we just want to give you a cuddle, nothing more. Only for the moment, mind.
It's too early for us to speculate who might be leaving the house first (Caprice? John?), so we'll leave you with our initial predictions for the rest of the series:
First celeb filmed naked in the showers - Brigitte.
First heated argument will involve: Lisa I'Anson.
In it for the duration: Germaine Greer, Brigitte, Bez.

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