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Christmas is coming, but frankly we don't care about that, because there's an even more important event on the horizon – namely the UK heats for the Eurovision Song Contest.
The BBC team responsible for putting together this annual treat is, at this very moment, locked in a room deep in the bowels of Television Centre, listening to song demos and putting together their wish-list of candidates to represent the UK.
Knowing that lowculture readers probably have a greater interest in this selection process than literally everyone else in the universe, we thought it would be a bit of a Euro-hoot to throw open the floor to you lot and see just who you think should be flying the flag for this great nation of ours in the Ukraine next year (civil wars permitting).
All sensible suggestions – and, indeed, all ridiculous ones – will be collated and sent on to the BBC to aid the team with their deliberations. Or at least give them a good laugh.
For the record, the lowculture team would like nothing better than to see Emma Bunton flashing a bit of Union Jack knicker at the independent adjudicators.
Failing that, another Scooch reunion might do the trick (although precisely what trick it would do is a matter for debate).
E-mail us with your ideas.

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