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Talk of Eurovision always brings to mind the ravishing Nicki French, who belted out Don't Play That Song Again for the UK in 2000. Her profile might have been low since her bid for Euro-glory ended in what we shall politely term "disappointment" – but be assured that she has not been resting on her not-inconsiderable laurels since then.
Indeed, our Nicki (pictured here with Scooch's Natalie Powers) now has a beautiful new website, on which you can hear clips of her gaytastic new single, I Surrender, read about her career to date, and chortle at the slightly fanciful claim that Nicki is "one of Britain's top female singing exports".
Most exciting of all is the news that Nicki can now be booked to perform at weddings – although it's safe to say that, as most of her fans are "not the marrying kind", she probably doesn't get much of that kind of work.
All this, plus some new pics of Nicki posing with her leg up on some kind of fire escape, can be found at this location. If you're a big fan, make sure you get involved with the messageboard – the lady herself frequently joins in the discussion.
» French fact of the day: Nicki's Japan-only "French Revolution" album was lowculture's first-ever online purchase, shortly after the invention of the internet.

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