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schadenfreude, weatherfield-style

Coronation Street turned in another first-class comedy episode last night. There were more laughs in one half hour than you're likely to get in a whole series of My Family and, as usual, Blanche stole the show and got all the funniest lines.
The best one of all came when Ken was berating the old witch for being a miserable cow, and Blanche retorted with: "Kenneth, you had better learn to start taking pleasure from other people's misery or you are going to have a very unhappy old age!". Marvellous!
We were also delighted to note that her Jackie O sunglasses got another outing.
While we're on the subject of Corrie, we hope you all agree that the face Karen McDonald pulls when she is engaged in a rammy is one of the greatest joys in the whole world.
» FYI – the episode updates of Coronation Street at the ITV website are almost as good as the show itself – check 'em out.

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