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It's been years since the UK was treated to a new series of Keeping Up Appearances. The lucky people of India and South Africa are still laughing uproariously at the sight of their Hyacinths annoying the vicar and falling into hedges in their local versions, but our thirst for slapstick snobbery antics remains unslaked.
Often, when a TV series is cruelly absent from the schedules, enterprising fans will attempt to continue the story themselves. Indeed, your very own lowculture produced a spectacular fan fiction episode of Crossroads in June 2003, soon after that series was unceremoniously axed (it featured Kate and Angel having a bitchfight in a shower of shit caused by an exploding drain, and can be read here).
Happily, Keeping Up Appearances also has some dedicated fans, one of whom has taken it upon himself to continue the series on the internet.
Obviously, the web is a very different medium to the telly, so he has taken the sensible precaution of tweaking the format slightly. And rightly so – we always felt that the show would have been much better if Hyacinth herself did not appear, and the stories were X-rated gay porn in which the long-suffering Richard takes it every which way from, variously, neighbour Emmet, the vicar, the Major and, in one supremely disturbing installment, his son Sheridan ("Richard couldn't believe it – his own SON was asking him to give him a blowjob").
Click here to read all nine disgusting episodes – but don't blame us if you struggle to keep your lunch down afterwards.

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