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We know what it's like trying to get the Christmas shopping done, so we've taken the liberty of highlighting some gift ideas in these amazing facts about Tuesday, November 23:
» Henry Burden patented A HORSESHOE MANUFACTURING MACHINE today in 1835, and 44 years later, J L Love patented the PENCIL SHARPENER.
» The Australian government voted to allow HOMOSEXUALS to join the military 12 years ago today.
» DAVID BECKHAM revealed in 2001 that as well as leading the England team in 2002, he would have the responsibility of choosing the suits the players would wear out to the Far East.
» There was speculation five years ago that Jennifer Anniston was to marry BRAD PITT.
» Happy birthday to: Coronation Street's Audrey Roberts and Rent-a-Ghost actress Sue Nicholls (61), telly and radio presenter Zoe Ball (34), and British "actress" and model Kelly Brook (25).
» Unrelated fact of the day: There is a plural for beef. It's BEEVES. Who'd have thought?!

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